Self-driving car on the horizon?



Mercedez-Benz introduced the F015 Luxury in Motion, a car that will drive for you. It is a sleek and futuristic concept car that lets the robot deal with maps, bad weather and maybe even road rage.

This car may never actually see a highway and not many people could actually afford this car —  but the idea is now a not-to-distance reality.

Sounds good — machine versus machine — and passengers can take a nap.  We’ll see how this goes.


Kia and Gaga pair up

The Kia hamsters and Lady Gaga’s newest hit, “Applause,” team up to shape up to introduce the new “Soul“.  The hamsters have wowed audiences with fancy dance moves and cool commercials in the past.  Now, fat and lazy, they hit the gym to transform into sleek and slim rodents taking the crowd by surprise.

Kia’s marketing campaign geared to a younger audience, is moving ahead to continue to grab new customers.