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It’s a family affair

Three generations of honesty, reliability, and innovation

In 1946, Frank’s Garage opened in a small shop on the 700 block of Vine St., Lancaster, Pa.  Situated on top of Cabbage Hill, the historical German section of Lancaster, it was the place to take your car for honest, reliable, repair work — a reputation that continues today!

Frank Schmalhofer founded the auto repair shop and added his high school son Gary to the business.  Gary was a natural mechanic with a knack for business.  In the early 1980s, Gary’s son Tim followed in his father’s footsteps.  Tim expanded the business by adding Frank’s Garage Auto Sales to their new and current location at 653 Union St. in Lancaster.

A new building was built for additional auto technicians. Linda, Gary’s wife, came on board to manage the business and increase the administration staff to handle the bustling auto service, repair, and auto sales.

The family keeps growing and so does the business.   Frank’s Garage and Auto Sales, where service is their business.


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