The future of your car: wear it

Forget parking your car — maybe one day we will just wear our wheels.  The “Human Transformer” has it right.  The series of movies of the  “Transformers,” may have made him famous, but this wearable technology is the bomb!


Happy Holidays to the Frank’s Garage community!

Family, friends — including furry —  and staff of Frank’s Garage celebrated with a luncheon before the holiday break.  Their customers and neighbors of Lancaster County are greatly appreciated for contributing to their success!  May everyone have a wonderful 2014!

Landis Valley’s 18th Century mechanic

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Gary Schmalhofer and family recently visited Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, a hidden tourist spot in Lancaster County.  To their surprise, craftsman were scattered throughout the 18th Century German heritage village.  Landis Valley is preserved with authentic and reproduction homes, a firehouse, a school, barns, and stables.  Experts in tin, cooking, lace, and merchandise were eager to share information about their products.

The highlight of the village was the blacksmith, the 18th Century mechanic of his time.  Nicks and burns from coal fires, hot pokers, and anvils were common hazards for this man of metal.

Horseshoes, hooks, and rods formed in the blacksmith shop aided the buggies, wagons, and horses to transport folks and goods in the Keystone state.  Times have changed but our mechanics today continue to keep our vehicles humming on the 21st Century roads.