Going Green



Contributing writer: Carmen Thorpe––

With Earth Day, April 22nd right around the corner, one can’t help but think about ways to go “green”. For instance, have you ever wondered about purchasing or leasing an electric car ( EV)? If you have, maybe a couple of questions like these have popped into your mind:

1.) Which EV brand is best?

2.) Where can I charge my car?

3.) Can you still drive if your car is on the low end of being charged?

The above questions have shown up on many blogs and forums. We decided to find out these answers and share them with you.

First up, “Which brand is best?” well this is a subjective question; but the most popular     – thus far this year – electric vehicles purchased are the Tesla model S*, Nissan LEAF, and the BMWi3.

Next up, “Where do I charge my car?” after doing a bit of research, we found out that there is an app (click the link) for this –in addition to multiple sites that help guide you in the ways of driving an Electric Vehicle (EV):



Another great question is “Can you still drive if your car is on the low end of being charged?” the answer is “yes”. It is just like any other electronically charged device you own; the lower the charge, the sooner you need to charge it, but it still drives.

This “green” post should help ease any questions you have about purchasing or leasing an EV. Happy car shopping!